Glow Moisturizer Lavender Lush – 100mL


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Your Beautiful Glow!

Our other best seller, Lavender Lush Glow All Natural Moisturizer, is made with therapeutic grade Lavender essential oils from France! This calming scent is used to aid in better sleep and calm anxiety and depression. The note of vanilla gives Lavender Lush an extra benefit of calming and relaxing the senses. Wind down with a warm cup of tea and enjoy our Best selling Lavender Lush Moisturizer before bed. Rub this on your kids as well to help them get a good nights rest.

What it is:

An organic moisturizer made from cold pressed organic coconut oil (Which is hydrating, anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal, and healing) and Shea Butter (which increases elasticity, anti-aging, Long lasting moisture, and doesn’t clog the pores). It also contains essential oils in three different scents: Lavender Lush (aids in calming your anxiety and Lavender helps you sleep faster and for a longer period of time). Use this on your children at night to ensure a good night sleep!

What are the Uses:

Therapeutic qualities of essential oils can be used for sleep, anxiety and energy, Daily moisturizer for face, hair and body, wrinkle reducer, decrease the look of, stretch marks, heals dry skin over time, sunburn relief, cuticle cream, nail strengthener, frizz reducer for hair, eczema relief and healing, safe make up remover, apply before make up for a natural highlight and GLOW!

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