Scents of Sicily Soap


Try out our new range of home made soaps with Rosemary Mint, Lemon Clean, Orange Blossom, Lavender Fields, Sweet Almond and Sweet Jasmine scent variants. You can order set of 3 or set of 6 soaps.

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Rosemary Mint

The earthy, aromatic blend of rosemary and mint makes a wonderful combination for the avid gardener or anyone interested in being touched by the naturally deep and refreshing scent of rosemary and mint plants.  

Orange Blossom

The scent of orange blossoms are a seasonal pleasure in the island of Sicily, one that is often bottled as a perfume due to it’s flowery fragrance. Use our orange blossom scented bar to lather up and escape to the aromatic Mediterranean isle.

Lemon Clean

Fresh and pure, lemon is the scent of choice when you want to feel the freshest, simplest clean.

Lavender Fields

The most beautifully scented lavender fields are harvested to bring you the calm needed after a busy day when you can indulge in this gloriously-scented bar.

Sweet Jasmine

Reminiscent of the heavily fragrant jasmine flower when it opens, this soap bar is an aromatic gem in our Scents of Sicily collection.

Sweet Almond

Almonds are a prized ingredient in many recipes throughout Sicily, and the milky texture of this soap blended with almond scent is another wonderful way to bring it close enough to indulge.

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